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About Saratoga Fence

Saratoga FenceSaratoga Rail Fence, Inc. has been involved with the vinyl fence industry since the beginning of vinyl fence in the late 1970’s and was established in 1994. As distributors of vinyl fencing since 1988, we are extremely proud to have been a part of the growth of an entire industry.

When we incorporated in 1994, we brought to the market a high quality virgin vinyl fence product that we are proud to represent to this day.  The quality of our vinyl fence product, combined with our capability to manufacture just about any fence design at our facility in Upstate New York, has given us the opportunity to serve our customer’s needs to the highest standard.

In 2004, we started to examine other maintenance free fence products that could compliment our vinyl fence line.  After 3 years of careful testing and selection, we finally found a product that could match the quality of our vinyl fencing:

Regis Aluminum Fencing

Aluminum FencingWe were drawn to this particular aluminum fence because of its high quality, the choice of colors, and the coatings available.  Regis Aluminum fence has coatings rated by the American Architectural Manufacturer’s Association.  The only aluminum fence to meet those standards tests show that Regis coatings are far superior to the competition!

The instant success of Regis Aluminum helped us to introduce Westbury Aluminum Railings for decks and porches in 2008.   We are excited to introduce the aluminum railings to compliment our vinyl railings that we offer as well.

We are a company that is committed to bringing high quality, maintenance free products to the market through a dealer network of qualified professional fence companies, contractors, and landscapers.

The products we offer are "second to none" and we strive to offer service that also meets that standard.

Enjoy browsing our product lines and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Alan Livingston, Jr.