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Aluminum Pool Fencing

Aluminum pool fencing actually became popular 2000 to 2005, but what an addition to the fencing market! Aluminum pool fencing has all the qualities of vinyl pool fencing and more!

Aluminum pool fencing is the type of pool fencing that blends more into your environment. It definitely can be seen, but depending on what color you choose the smaller profiles help it play into your environment more readily. Aluminum pool fencing is available in 4’ to 8’ high. Check your local building/pool codes first before you choose a style.

Aluminum pool fencing has smaller sleek profiles that are strong, durable, and make a very effective boundary fence. Aluminum pool fencing is not for semi-privacy or privacy seekers, you will see anyone in the pool. This fence is spaced picket only. It lends itself very well to property owners looking to design their property with the fence as part of the landscape beauty. It is practical and attractive.

Design and Quality

Our aluminum pool fence is so attractive because of the design and quality of the powder coating. This fence definitely has a top of the line look and feel. We offer Regis aluminum pool fencing. Each fence is designed with no screws or fasteners showing. Each pre-assembled panel has a patented e-clip system that secures each vertical picket in place. The patented e-clip was the first designed for our aluminum pool fencing, and other attempts by companies to copy it have not been as successful.

Powder Coating

The powder coating on our aluminum pool fencing is approved by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association or AAMA. See Aluminum Fence for more information.

Aluminum Pool Fencing Colors

We offer our aluminum pool fencing in 12 standard colors, Satin Black, Ninety Bronze, Gloss White, Gloss Beige, Clay, Silver, Black Fine Texture, Bronze Fine Texture, White Fine Texture, Chocolate, Sandy Shore, and Speckled Walnut.

Aluminum Pool Gates

Gates are also a very important aspect of any aluminum pool fencing. We quite frankly feel that not enough attention is paid to the problems that can happen with the highest traffic area of any pool fence area. If a child is going to access a pool area that is confined by a fence, the only area they might find for an entrance is the gate. Each aluminum pool gate is specially designed to look like the fence but have even more strength for safety. Each picket is welded to the cross rails of our aluminum pool gates to add even more strength and stability. We have hardware also designed specifically for aluminum pool fence applications that make the gate self-close; the latches can be childproof, magnetic, and lockable.

Installation of Aluminum Pool Fences

Installing our aluminum pool fencing is even easier then vinyl because the fence panels also come pre-assembled, there are no screws to mess around with, and the smaller profiles make for a smaller hole to drill in the ground, and we still feel “it is all in the hole digging!” In addition to installation in the ground, we also offer products that make it easy to install our aluminum fence on a patio, terrace, or a wall if desired.

Designed for protection, built to last, compliments and blends into the environment, provides an effective boundary, and comes with a lifetime warranty! Sounds familiar! (See Vinyl Pool Fencing)