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Continuous Hand Rail Serves a Purpose

When you build a railing system for a ramp, stairway or entryway whether it is aluminum, vinyl, steel or even wood most railing systems qualify as guardrails. If the railing system lacks a continuous hand rail you may be required to install a continuous hand railing system for access. Access to residential or commercial properties for children, the elderly or folks with disabilities can be difficult. A continuous hand railing makes it much easier!

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Continuous Hand Rails That Meet Local Codes & ADA Requirements

Our Continuous Hand Railing system will meet you required local codes and meets the requirements set forth by the ADA or Americans with Disabilities Act.

Vinyl or Aluminum Continuous Hand Railings

A vinyl or aluminum continuous hand railing is attractive and blends with the guard railings whether you match it to vinyl, aluminum, steel or wood railings.

Continuous hand rails are safe, graspable, have the required returns and radiuses needed for a continuous hand rail system and are easy to install. You never need to weld them or paint them. Continuous Hand Railing comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Choose from a range of colors and custom designs to meet the needs of any space. Hire professionals to ensure a professional installation for beauty, safety and functionality. For more tips on continuous hand railing, contact Saratoga Fence and browse through our entire range of continuous hand railing options.