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We Offer a Wide Variety of Pool Fencing

If you have a pool it is extremely important to keep children, family, and anyone who wonders onto your property safe. Whether you are a private residence, business, apartment or condominium complex you have to keep in mind the importance of having a pool fence that works.

Saratoga Rail Fence, Inc. not only offers pool fencing that is safe we offer pool fencing that won’t cramp your style! We offer a wide variety of pool fencing that meets any need whether residential, commercial, or industrial style.

We offer 2 types of pool fencing, vinyl pool fencing and aluminum pool fencing. Each has its own appeal, both have their advantages. The positives of vinyl and aluminum pool fencing have made either choice the most popular choice for pools! Saratoga Rail Fence, Inc. offers the highest quality of both!  

Why Vinyl Pool Fencing Is a Popular Choice

Swimming pools are a feature that most contemporary homeowners consider a good addition to enhance the value of their property, not to mention the fun and relaxation that pools bring. However, ensuring pool safety is a responsibility that, in some states, is also mandatory by law.

From cost-effective vinyl fences to the classic wooden fencing and functional metal chain links, there is various pool fencing options to consider.

Vinyl Fencing Is Cost-effective, Low Maintenance and Durable

Vinyl is cost effective, requiring little to no maintenance—unlike wood, steel or iron. It’s well-suited for all weather conditions and does not require painting and upkeep like wood, steel or iron. Vinyl pool fences can also be customized to cater to diverse pool codes.

Outdoor pools are exposed to various adverse natural elements like wind, rain and snow that will gradually take their toll on steel, iron or wooden fencing, making them look worn-out and corroded. Not so with vinyl pool fencing.

Vinyl Pool Fencing is Attractive As Well As Safe

Vinyl pool fences are available in a range of styles including popular designs like latticed, solid, and picketed. These pool fence choices not only enhance the ambiance of your backyard and home, but also provide reassurance through complete pool safety and legal compliance. Pool fencing can prevent accidents involving small children and pets.

Advantages of Vinyl Fencing: The Details

• Resistant to adverse elements: Vinyl pool fences have evolved to be the most popular fencing option for pools due to good resistance against chemicals used to keep the pool water clean. Wood, Steel or Iron fences, on the other hand suffer easy damage when exposed continuously to these chemicals.

• Easy to install: Vinyl fencing can be easily installed because most styles come fully assembled and each post comes ready to insert the panel into the post. Practically everything you have to do above ground is done for you!

• Versatility: Vinyl fencing is available in a range of styles and materials to cater to your specific fencing requirements. Whether you need pool fencing to be functional, safe, stylish, or private, it will also keep the fence well-shielded from pesky intruders or maybe even neighbors who intend to use the pool in your absence!

Vinyl fencing will not only highlight the pool area by making it look beautiful but will ensure peace of mind and security for the home owner. Contact Saratoga Fence to see our entire vinyl fence inventory.