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When Fences and Snowplows Aren’t a Good Mix

Alan Livingston - Monday, December 08, 2014

So, you had a beautiful fence installed over the summer. You’ve kept it clean and well-maintained so it stays attractive, durable and practical. After all, your home is your castle.

But winter is underway, and with it, tons of snow just might be in your neck of the woods. Soon, the drone of snow plows will be heard scraping down your streets. You understand that roadways must be cleared of snow for drivers, but honestly, does all that snow have to be piled up against your fence? Probably, as homeowners we don’t always get to choose. There are, however, some steps you can take to reduce the chance of damage.

Protecting Your Fence from Snow Removal: Be Visible

The best way to protect your fence from damage by heavy snow tossed by the snowplow is to put up wooden stakes with bright orange paint so that plow drivers can see where your fence is located. If you leave your fence as a guessing game, you run the risk of damage that needs to be addressed come spring. This is avoidable.

Protecting Your Fence from Snow Removal: Be Proactive

Go outside after the plows have made a pass and shovel the snow off your fence. Or push it off with a broom. Or put on mittens and use the snow for a snowball fight or to make a snowman. You get the idea.

Don’t Let the Snow Plow Cost You Time & Money

Heavy snow won’t make your strong, expertly installed Saratoga Fence buckle, but if hit by a plow, it could be damaged, and come spring, you’ll have some unhappy surprises.

All of us at Saratoga Fence wish you a happy holiday season, with as little snow damage as possible. Contact us for all of your fence needs, even replacement. And don’t be shy, feel free to share this post with your neighbors – you might get some extra holiday cookies this year.

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