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Choosing the Right Horse Fencing

Choosing the right horse fencing requires some knowledge—the material you choose must be sturdy and weather-resistant apart from being aesthetically superior. Vinyl horse fencing products are the latest favorites among ranch owners and equestrian enthusiasts.

Easy to Clean, Resistent to Environmental Changes

What makes vinyl fences superior to wooden ones is that they are easy to clean and resistant to external elements. Unlike wood or metal that requires periodic painting and maintenance to prevent rotting or corrosion, vinyl horse fencing does not need much more than a wash with water.

Blending both form and functionality, vinyl horse fencing ensures stability and security for your farms and barns for several years without compromising style.

Safe & Durable

Horse fencing products from Saratoga Fence come with a limited lifetime warranty. Our virtually maintenance free horse fencing is absolutely safe for pets, children and livestock. It will not chip or splinter and has no sharp edges unlike metal fences. Horse owners often complain about the nasty habit of their animals chewing off the wooden fencing. Horses are unlikely to chew on vinyl!

Stylish, sleek and easy to maintain, vinyl fencing is available in a range of patterns such as 2, 3, 4 rail or cross buck with matching gates. These are offered in different shades and textures to match your tastes. The color is integrated during the extrusion process which requires no further painting.

Horse Fencing Has Animal Safety In Mind

Ideal horse fencing must be strong enough to restrain an agitated horse that runs into it or tries to bolt by kicking and ramming into the fence. Vinyl fencing is used all over the world as a safer and cost effective alternative to steel fences. The flexibility of vinyl fences also ensures the well-being of the horse with the animal not being injured on impact. Vinyl fences are the safest options to keep your animal well protected and safe within its boundaries.

Vinyl horse fencing can also be installed with electric wires or tapes without any tedious drilling processes. This would help in training the animals to respect the boundaries and prevent them from rubbing or trying to crib on the fences. Vinyl horse fencing products include the traditional post and rail style of 2, 3 or 4 rail fence which are a popular choice for pastures. You can also choose our Cross buck design. All our choices are built with no screws or staples exposed. Contact Saratoga Fence to see our entire vinyl horse fence inventory.