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Vinyl Pool Fencing

Vinyl pool fencing started to become popular around the late 1990’s. We were among the first companies in the late 80’s and early 90’s to introduce vinyl pool fencing. Our vinyl pool fencing is beautiful, durable, safe, easy to install, and adds value to your property. See Vinyl Fence for more information.

Vinyl pool fencing is the type of pool fencing that does not blend into the environment. It compliments it! That means it is definitely seen. Vinyl pool fencing is available in heights that range from 4’ high to 8’ high. Check your local building/pool codes first before you choose.

Because it is visible, the most attractive item about vinyl pool fence is you have choices. You have a choice of 4’ to 8’ high styles that make the pool visible so you can see the kids, semi-privacy, or full privacy depending on your needs.

Vinyl Pool Fencing Colors

Vinyl pool fencing comes in many colors. Depending on the style we offer white, almond, clay, and stone gray. We also offer privacy fencing for pools that are available in wood grain colors, TruGrain white, almond, and pebblestone. Saratoga Rail Fence, Inc. is also proud to announce for 2013 the addition of 5 CertaGrain colors, Sierra Blend, Arbor Blend, Arctic Blend, Brazilian Blend, and Frontier Blend.   

Vinyl Pool Fence Gates

Gates are also a very important aspect of vinyl pool fencing. Our vinyl gates provide strength and durability, built to last. We assemble each gate with a cross-brace to add stability and prevent the gate from sagging. Each gate matches the style you choose. We have stainless steel and nylon hinges that are self-closing so the gate closes behind you. We also have latches designed for pool safety that are lockable, magnetic, and child proof.

Installation of Vinyl Pool Fencing

Installing our vinyl pool fencing is easy because the fence panels come assembled, but we always say, “It’s easy above ground, it’s still all in the hole digging!” Our vinyl pool fencing can be installed in the ground which is typical, but we also offer products that make it possible to install our pool fencing on a patio, terrace, or a wall if desired.

Designed for protection, built to last, compliments the environment, provides an effective boundary, and comes with a lifetime warranty! What could be better?