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Vinyl Privacy Fencing : The Advantages

Fencing is obviously the right choice when you want more privacy for your front or backyard without having to sacrifice the aesthetic factor.

Before scouting for different privacy fencing options, it is essential to check the local zoning codes to determine the permissible fencing options in your area.

Versatile, Affordable, Maintenance-free

If you are opting for a solid fencing option, consider adding a vinyl lattice, pickets or ornamental aluminum over the fence to give it a bit of character. Vinyl privacy fences have become quite popular among homeowners and landscapers for their versatility, range of choices and affordability. These are relatively maintenance-free and do not need to be protected from rot, termites and harsh weather unlike steel, iron or wooden fences.

Vinyl fences come with limited lifetime warranties. These fences are also environmentally safe and can be recycled when they have outlived their warranty period. Here are some advantages of vinyl fencing that makes it a better choice for outdoor privacy fencing.

Strength and Flexibility with a Private Fence

Vinyl fence has five times the tensile strength and 4 times the flexibility of wood and can withstand harsh weather conditions such as snow, hail, high winds, and rain. Vinyl is a preferred option for privacy fencing in seaside locations too as it can withstand the salty air and exposure to sea water. It is available in a palette of colors and textures to suit the color of your home and surroundings.

Privacy Fence Options That Are Low Maintenance

The little or no-maintenance of vinyl private fencing is what makes it a popular choice among homeowners. These fences can be easily cleaned using soap and water, retaining their brand-new looks for quite a long time. Vinyl retains its color and there will be no need for painting or staining. It also offers resistance against rotting or termite attacks.

Non-Toxicity—A Big Benefit of Vinyl Privacy Fencing

Vinyl fencing is not treated chemically and hence is absolutely safe with pets and small children. Being recyclable, vinyl is a valuable, eco-friendly addition for homes as well.

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