About Us

About Saratoga Fence

Saratoga Rail Fence, Inc. has been involved with the vinyl fence industry since the beginning of vinyl fence in the late 1970’s and was established in 1994. As distributors of vinyl fencing since 1988, we are extremely proud to have been a part of the growth of an entire industry.

When we incorporated in 1994, we brought to the market a high-quality virgin vinyl fence product that we are proud to represent to this day. The quality of our vinyl fence product, combined with our capability to manufacture just about any fence design at our facility in Upstate New York, has given us the opportunity to serve our customer’s needs to the highest standard.


Why Saratoga Fence?



We have over 20 years of experience with vinyl (PVC) fencing and we helped introduce it to the market. Because Vinyl (PVC) Fencing has reached the height of popularity, many fence companies have gotten involved with the product in the last 5 to 10 years. We see design issues, installation issues, and mistakes constantly made when it comes to the quality of vinyl (PVC) fencing products. Saratoga Rail Fence knows how to do vinyl (PVC) fencing right. End result you get what you pay for and have a great product that will last for years!


Our experience in vinyl fence combined with our high-quality vinyl fence and plant capabilities surpasses our competition and makes us the most reliable fence distributor in the country.

You can depend on us to have what you need, make it to order, and deliver it in a timely fashion!


Our service combined with high quality products has made us the standard for over 20 years when it comes to vinyl fencing! We serve all of Northeast and New England.


Almost 50% of the vinyl fencing offered on the market today is extruded using materials that are meant for pipe manufacture. The pipe grade vinyl (PVC) uses inferior grades of resin and protection not meant for fencing.
Saratoga Rail Fence uses only the highest grade vinyl resin and because of rigid quality control protocol rejects vinyl (PVC) pipe grade resin used in 50% of the vinyl fencing sold today! The high quality resin*, impact modifiers*, and TiO2* makes Saratoga Rail Fence vinyl(PVC) fencing the most durable on the market today!
*See Engineering PDF for an explanation of why we offer the highest quality vinyl (PVC) fencing.


We feel we have to earn your trust, and we try to earn that trust every day! We offer best products that come with a lifetime warranty, and we know once you have purchased a Saratoga Fence we’ll have a customer for life!