Wooden fence posts normally last for about 20 years, but over time, all wooden posts will begin to show signs of wear and tear, and can eventually break.

Even a new post can break in a wind storm or an accident, but no matter what the reason, once a fence post has broken, it’s impossible to repair it. It needs to be completely replaced.

Here are 3 Reasons Why You Need to Replace Your Fence if Posts are Broken:

  1. Your fence will no longer be secure. Whether you’re keeping something in (your pets) or out (neighbor’s dog), missing or broken fencing won’t be reliable.
  2. Aesthetically speaking, the fence will look lousy. This means the “curb appeal” and quest to keep up with the Joneses will suffer disastrously.
  3. Safety may become an issue. Broken or missing fence posts can pose hazards for people and animals who may be wandering in the area.

If your fence is reaching the end of its useful life, call us at Saratoga Fence for help.