These days Aluminum Fencing and Vinyl Fencing have become the latest and greatest alternative to traditional fencing. Aluminum Fence and Vinyl Fence are virtually maintenance free, add value to your property, look beautiful, and set you apart from your neighbors. The problem is that both fences are becoming so popular, chances are your neighbor already has the fence you are craving. That’s why Designer Fencing might be the fence that sets you apart from everyone else!

We are proud to introduce a new line of Designer Fencing that combines the components of both Aluminum Fencing and Vinyl Fencing that make each fence so popular. Designer Fencing plays to the strengths of both!

Designer Fencing is a full Privacy Fence made up of aluminum posts, aluminum top and bottom rails, and vinyl vertical privacy fence panel. The Designer fence combines the strength and beauty of aluminum with a cost effective maintenance free vinyl.

The Aluminum fence components are a decorative 3” x 5” post, 3” x 5” post cap, and a 1-1/4” x 5-1/2” top and bottom rail coated with a 2604-05 Architectural Powder coating approved by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA). We offer 12 aluminum color choices including Satin Black, Ninety Bronze, Gloss White, Black Fine Texture, Bronze Fine Texture, White Fine Texture, Gloss Beige, Clay, Speckled Walnut, Sandy Shore, Silver, and Chocolate Brown.

The Vinyl fence component has a choice of two T&G privacy panels that are formulated with the highest quality extruded vinyl. The first choice has a 7/8” x 7” T&G panel that comes in a choice of colors including an authentic CertaGrain wood-grained Sierra Blend, Brazilian Blend, and Frontier Blend. We also offer a 7/8” x 11.3” Lockable T&G panel in a TruGrain wood-grained White, Almond, Pebblestone, and Clay. The 7/8” x 11.3” panel also comes in a smooth standard White, Almond, Clay, and Stone Gray color choice.

Here is an opportunity to have a lifetime fence that, the only problem you might have is explaining to your neighbors that stop, where you got the fence! Check it out on our website and feel free to give us a call or email us today! We will point you to the right dealer to come give you a quote!