Our expertise and products offered at Saratoga Rail Fence extends far beyond fences and posts. With spring rapidly blossoming into summer, we have the perfect complements to your outdoor landscaping.

Add personality to your yard with a garden or front entry pergola bursting with flowers to bring a pop of personality to your yard. Our pergolas have distinctive designs, from square tops to round columns to fancy lattice and gingerbread scrolling. Or, choose an arched arbor with a gate to entice visitors to explore your garden. Whatever look you select, we have the perfect pergolas and attractive arbors for your home and garden.

These arched entryways are the perfect place to add flower and vines to accentuate the design. Here are some floral accents that will work well on your pergola:

• Morning Glories: The most popular annual vine, Morning Glories form twining vines with bell-shaped flowers. They are fast growing, easy to cultivate and have a beautifully diverse palate of colored flowers. Flowers are white, blue, pink, purple, red, and multicolored. There may even sprout several vines from one stem, creating double forms. They will rapidly cover fences, arches, pergolas and trellises.

• Black-Eyed Susan Vines: Also known as clock vine, Black-Eyed Susan vine’s flowers resemble the popular perennial ground flowers of the same name. The vine has thin green stems that extend up to 8 feet, wrapping around trellises or even other plant stems.

• Wisteria: Growing to create a garland effect, Wisteria is a great choice for adding color and depth to a pergola or arched arbor. The flowers are highly fragrant and known for their romantic qualities.

• Sweet Pea: This easy-to-grow, fragrant flower flourishes in cooler temps during spring and early summer, and are a great choice for your first blooms.

• Passion Flower: With its marbled colors including shades of purple and deep scarlet, Passion Flowers have winding vines that can extend up to 50 feet, making them a perfect addition to a pergola or arbor for a full, lush appearance.

Come take a look at our decorative pergola and arbor entryway selections. We want to be your source for fencing, and many other products for your outdoor landscaping.