Extreme Weather and Vinyl Fencing

Over the past few years, the United States has seen an increase in extreme weather conditions. From heavy snowfall in areas that do not usually get snow to high-impact windstorms that tear away roofs and pull trees down to the roots; it has been quite disastrous all around. It does not seem like these extreme storms are going away any time soon; therefore, if you want to install a new fence, you want reassurance that your new fence can withstand the elements.

Saratoga Fence offers real vinyl fencing for residential and commercial properties. When a Saratoga vinyl fence is installed properly, it can withstand harsh weather and extreme conditions that traditional wood and iron fences cannot bear.

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How vinyl fences withstand the elements:

➢ Vinyl Fencing in High Winds

All vinyl fences are designed to withstand usual wind loads. The exact load amount depends on the materials used to make the vinyl fence and whether or not the fence was installed properly.

➢ Vinyl Fencing and Winter Weather

As temperatures drop, vinyl fences do become less flexible. But, unless they succumb to a harsh impact, they will not crack or break — regardless of how cold it is outside. Vinyl fences are designed to withstand sudden temperature changes too, unlike wood or iron. During damp weather, vinyl fences will not warp or rot.

➢ Vinyl Fencing and Summer Weather

The high heat of summer is just as detrimental as the cold in winter. In warmer temperatures vinyl fences do expand, but professional installers account for this expansion and allow adequate space for it during installation.

If you live in an area that experiences extreme weather, you will benefit from the durability of a vinyl fence. Hire a professional to install a vinyl fence on your property, so that it can withstand the harsh elements of winter, summer, and everything in between.

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