It is a wise decision to install a vinyl fence if you are looking to increase your home’s market value. Curb appeal is a crucial element to a better looking home and a good-looking fence can complement the hard work you have already put into making your home presentable. With the competition fierce in the real estate market, you can gain a valuable leg up just by adding vinyl fencing around your property.

Saratoga Fence offers a wide array of vinyl fence products that give your home the extra curb appeal you need. When you have vinyl fencing installed professionally, it holds up against harsh weather, requires less maintenance, and makes your home desirable.

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A few key reasons why homeowners choose to install a vinyl fence around their yard:

➢ Fences are a great feature for property staging

Staging is critical if you are preparing your home for sale. Even though you have spent the time de-cluttering and cleaning the inside, vinyl fencing on the outside can really highlight the exterior living space. It can give prospective buyers a feeling of extra living space outside of the home. Add some outdoor seating and a portable fire pit unit along with your fence and you can instantly create a comfortable and inviting outdoor area to relax in.

➢ Privacy and security

The privacy provided by a vinyl fence gives a sense of security to you and prospective buyers. Homeowners do not have to worry about their children or belongings in the backyard, because they are closed off to the outside world.

➢ Durability and less maintenance

While painted wood or wrought iron are gorgeous, they require a fair bit of maintenance. Vinyl fencing lasts longer, is eco-friendly, holds up well in adverse weather and is termite-resistant. In addition, it does not require annual staining, sanding and repainting to look aesthetically pleasing year-round. This convenience means homeowners will not have to work hard to enjoy their backyard.

If you live in an area with harsh weather — including rain or snow — you need a fence that will look great and complement your home without requiring maintenance or extensive repair. Install a vinyl fence to boost your curb appeal, increase real estate value and save yourself the stress and effort of maintenance tasks.

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