When you install a vinyl fence, you are assured of having greater longevity and less maintenance. In fact, vinyl fencing is the perfect material for winterizing your fencing without sacrificing beauty. Where a wooden fence is easily warped by cold temperature fluctuations – because water seeps into the wood and causes it to expand in freezing temperatures – a vinyl fence is impervious to water.

Saratoga Fence offers a wide range of vinyl fencing finishes and styles to support the look you want around your home without having to worry about rust, splitting, warping, and more. To take advantage of a fence that stands up to Old Man Winter, install a vinyl fence.

Below are a few key reasons why you should install a vinyl fence – especially in colder climates:

No need to paint or repaint
While a painted picket fence is a popular feature around a home, a vinyl fence can be stylish too and you never have to paint it. Don’t worry about frost, ice, freezing rain and snow causing winter damage. Vinyl fencing is extremely low maintenance – it is the essential ‘set it and forget it’ fencing type because the color doesn’t fade, peel, or crack.

Greater strength and durability
Often homeowners like to garden right up to and over their fences. However, ivy, climbing roses, and other plants have been known to slowly deteriorate wooden fences. If fence gardening holds your fancy, a vinyl fence can be just the right structure to support your plants with strength and durability that lasts.

Many people like the look of a wrought iron fence; it conveys style and elegance as well as strength. The biggest enemy of wrought iron fences is moisture. To keep a wrought iron fence looking nice, you have to seal and paint it regularly. Vinyl fencing on the other hand, is already rust-proof.

Rain and snow and ice can deteriorate the appearance of other types of fencing, leaving with you a dilapidated fence in the spring. Install a vinyl fence to avoid these problems in the future.

Residential and commercial property owners are discovering that vinyl fencing is the ideal fencing type for colder climates to ensure a beautiful fence come spring. Hire professionals to install your vinyl fence.

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