Saratoga Rail Fence, Inc. – “Be Careful When Purchasing Vinyl (PVC) Horse Fence for Your Horses!”

First let me say there is nothing wrong with purchasing vinyl (PVC) fence for your horses. In fact, when used correctly it can be the best product for fencing on the market today! The problem is that the popularity of vinyl fence for residential uses such as privacy, picket, yard, and pool fencing has created a glut of inferior products that when used for horse fence can be a catastrophe, so be careful when purchasing vinyl horse fence for your horses!

The development of vinyl residential fencing and its incredible popularity have brought two things to the market that are detrimental to horse fencing, competition and inferior product! The two things go hand and hand! Competition brings the hunger to cut costs and the cost cutting brings inferior product! When vinyl fencing is produced the most expensive ingredients in the finished product are the very important chemicals that keep the fence from fading and more importantly stronger for not only horse impact but weather! Because a manufacturer is worried about cost and because residential fencing takes a much smaller beating they compromise the product by not taking horses into account anymore! It simply isn’t important to them anymore, and yes they do use the same profiles for residential fencing that get sold for horse fencing!

Alan Livingston Jr. owner of Saratoga Rail Fence, Inc. with 24 years of experience with vinyl horse fence says, “Vinyl Horse Fence has been really hurt by what is going on with vinyl fencing for residential uses, but there is still high quality vinyl fencing specifically used for horse fence that when used correctly can save a horse farm so much money! We were one of the first companies in America to offer vinyl fence for horse farms back in the 1980’s and we know what it takes to manufacture a quality product for horse farms! In the 80’s there was no residential, just high quality heavy duty vinyl horse fence. Residential didn’t even exist yet!”

Saratoga Rail Fence, Inc. offers vinyl residential fence which is now the main staple of their business, but they still offer a high quality vinyl fencing product specifically for equine uses. The formulation of the vinyl fencing itself is manufactured with the highest levels of chemicals used for keeping the product from fading and strong from impact. The product is 100% coextruded virgin vinyl with thicker walls and the rails are reinforced. The product contains no fillers or recycled materials which are not good for use with horses.

Saratoga Rail Fence, Inc. suggests that you speak with any of their sales professionals when it comes to horse or equine fencing. It is important to remember that vinyl fencing can cure a lot of the problems that farms have struggled with for thousands of years when it comes to mending fences, but you have to have the right product, the product has to have the right use, and you may still have to add a safe electric fence deterrent to the vinyl fence in some situations! Just remember, be careful when purchasing vinyl horse fence for your horses!