Residential Fencing

Homeowners add fences to their properties for a number of reasons, to keep something in or to keep something out, for aesthetic or practical purposes, to avoid unsavory sights or to prevent a “neighbors view.” At Saratoga Fence we have installed fences for all of these reasons and more. As you begin planning your new fence, we will assist you on discovering all the reasons for a fence and help you decide which features and materials are most important to you.


The most popular reason homeowners add fencing to their property is to protect their loved ones, people and pets. Fences are often used to prevent children, dogs, cats, and even horses from running off, getting injured or lost. We often erect fences on a person’s property when they have concerns with elements outside of the property OR within the property such as ponds, pools, cliffs, or hills. Installing a fence can ensure that piece of mind you are looking for.  

Many homeowners seek a high level of privacy for their outdoor space as they see it as an extension of their indoor space. We understand that homeowners want to feel as if they are free from spying eyes and privacy is important. You may also want to prevent strangers from entering your property. A great fence is a way to ward off these issues. At Saratoga Fence, we take that into account when guiding you to choose the right fencing for your needs.

Although most fences are built for practical purposes, once you have decided to build a fence, the aesthetic appeal of the project should come to the forefront. We make that dream of your white picket fence a reality! Whether it is a modern, regal, or ornamental fence we will guide you through the process of picking the one that best suits your project and adds curb appeal.

Another common reason homeowners often are wanting to add a fence revolves around concealment. If you live on a noisy street or next to loud neighbors, a privacy fence can help to buffer some of the sound. There are also those neighbors that may have unsightly garbage bins or yard furniture and toys, yellow and patchy grass that you find unappealing to look at. We will recommend the right fencing material to solve these concerns.

These are just some of the reasons you might want to add fencing to your homestead. If you are interested in purchasing and installing a new fence, please contact us today. We want to make sure you are choosing the right fence to suit your family’s needs.

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